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Our FAQS Page Frequently Asked Question number 1

Do we supply Americans?

Answer: Of course, we supply customers all over the world!

My father had a hairpiece that he would take off at night. I also remember my Grand-mother wearing a heavy wig that never moved. Is this the same thing? Reveal/Hide Answer

This is absolutely not the same thing. Today’s state-of-the-art hair replacement technology has come a very long way and your new hair is not something you take off but rather it becomes a part of you just like your own real hair. It also looks and feels like real human hair.

Can I change the natural colour of my hair? Reveal/Hide Answer

At first, most people choose to stay well within their comfort zone as far as colour and cut go, but eventually you may very well want to be adventurous, and you can do anything you want to do!

Always wanted to be a redhead? Great! Now you can, and you can change it back anytime.

Are Clients Required to Join a Program? Reveal/Hide Answer

Unlike several large competitors, we do not require clients to join a program. We do offer one year packages if the client finds it beneficial, however the choice is up to the individual client.

Why should I choose Hair Replacement Solutions vs. the other Hair Replacement Clubs or Hair Replacement Centres? Reveal/Hide Answer

Quite simply, our business model is different. We know success comes from offering an outstanding product at competitive prices.

Our number one goal is to surpass our customer’s expectations. Unfortunately for the industry, it seems many of our competitor’s business models are financial.

To maximise profit they generally sacrifice quality and customer service. Several approaches used by these type of business are:

  • a) Hard sell
  • b) Using confusing terminology
  • c) Not showing you products
  • d) Not discussing the pro’s and con’s of each method available
  • e) Requiring you to sign a contract

I want a completely Undetectable Hair System. Can you provide this? Reveal/Hide Answer

Completely undetectable is a subjective term. One can always argue that upon close enough inspection anything non-natural can be detected.

What is possible is a Virtually Undetectable Hair Replacement System.

These are so much like your natural hair that the average person will not have a clue it’s not real, even if they are touching it.

What is the difference between a Hair Piece System, Hair Replacement System and a Toupee? Reveal/Hide Answer

The term Toupee is an old term used in the industry. As the industry progressed in its ability to create a less detectable product, a new term “Hair Replacement System or Hair Piece System” was created.

What’s the difference between Hair Replacement and Hair Restoration? Reveal/Hide Answer

Hair replacement is a non-surgical means of providing hair. This is done by using hair systems to cover the area of thinning and utilizing as much of your natural hair as possible.

Hair restoration is a surgical method of replacing hair. This is done by transplanting hair from the back of the head to the area of thinning.

Will the lace match my skin color? Reveal/Hide Answer

Our laces and skins are essentially transparent, allowing your natural skin tone to show through. Even if you tan during the summer, the base will remain invisible.

When will I receive my new hair system? Reveal/Hide Answer

In most cases, you will receive delivery within 6-8 weeks. It takes time to make a custom hair system the right way – your patience will be rewarded! Rush delivery is available for an extra charge and will reduce delivery time by about 14 days.

If you have a “hair emergency”, you can order a stock hair system and receive it within 5 days

Do you offer full wigs for men and women? Reveal/Hide Answer

Yes, and they are beautiful products too! However if you have some remaining hair, especially around the back, I still recommend a hair system over a wig (or “full cap”) if at all possible. If your hair loss is extreme or patchy, I'd be glad to provide you with a full wig

What do I do with that strip of bare lace on my new hair system? Reveal/Hide Answer

All new lace systems have a strip of bare lace at the front that needs to be trimmed away.

It is easy to trim that excess lace with a pair of sharp scissors, BUT – be sure to leave a 1/8” – ¼” strip of bare lace ahead of the actual hairline.

Why? Having the bare lace in front means that if the lace starts to fray a bit, you will not lose hair at the hairline. When it is attached, that small strip of lace disappears against your skin.

What can I do to make my hair system last as long as possible? Reveal/Hide Answer

Shampoo twice a week at most. Avoid hot water, blow dryers and shampoos with harsh detergents. Use a satin pillowcase to minimize friction if you wear your hair system to bed. Don’t overdo hair products and avoid products that contain alcohol, especially hairspray. Condition your hair every time you shampoo.

Does the hair system always have to have the same style over and over? Reveal/Hide Answer

If you're adventurous and want to switch styles or colours, you can certainly work with your stylist to create different hair systems, or you can stick with one that represents "your look" time and time again.

Why should I get a non-surgical hair system instead of a hair transplant? Reveal/Hide Answer

Men lose their hair in a predictable way, a pattern called male pattern baldness (or androgenic or androgenetic alopecia), but aging; stress; medications; poor grooming, sleeping and nutrition habits; and illnesses such as lupus, diabetes and heart disease can all speed up the hair loss process. A surgical hair transplant can replace hair in a bald spot but will not protect against future additional hair loss around the transplant. A non-surgical hair system is your best bet even if you are a candidate for a transplant, because you won't have to worry about future thinning or anything else.

What is the difference between custom systems, stock systems and duplicate systems? Reveal/Hide Answer

Our Custom Hair Systems require the client to create a template and then choose the preferred base type, hair colour, density, percentage of grey and wave at the time of ordering, so that the fit is unique to the clients head shape and growth pattern. Our Stock Hair Systems are available in standard specification's. We can also duplicate your system.

Can I play sports, swim or bike in it? Reveal/Hide Answer

Certainly! Each strand of hair is individually knotted to the base or injected into the base. This permits the strength necessary for hair to undergo normal human activities, such as swimming, biking, playing sports.

How long will my new hair system last? Reveal/Hide Answer

Its impossible to say accurately how long your hair system will last. It depends on many factors , including how you care for your hair system, whether you have a lace or skin base, if you wear your hair system to bed, how often you shampoo etc.If you are rough on your hair system, it may only last 3 months or so. Some people get 8 months or even a years worth of wear from their hair system.

How to attach your hair system: attaching with tape Reveal/Hide Answer


You want to attach your hair system 1/8" - 1/4" above your original, natural hairline. If you raise your eyebrows as though you were surprised, the point where the wrinkles end is the beginning of your scalp. Use a make-up pencil or press the teeth of a comb into your skin to mark the spot where Your scalp begins.


Begin by pressing the center of the front edge of your hair system onto your scalp just above the spot where your scalp begins. S-l-o-w-l-y move your hands outward along the hairline, pressing firmly as you go and making sure that the sides are even. Then move your hands back along the side edges of the hair system, applying pressure as you go. Make sure that you do not trap any hairs in the tape or under the piece. Once the piece is in place and you are sure there are no creases in the base, apply pressure again with your fingers along the perimeter to make sure that the tape is stuck good and tight. Now you’re ready to style your hair and face the world!

It is not necessary to cover the entire perimeter with tape unless you prefer to do so. It also doesn't make a difference if you attach the tape to your hair system first or to your scalp first..

Safely removing your hair system:

Standard Hair System tape, non-residue tape and red liner tape will peel off easily.

For the stronger tapes (Walker No-Shine and Blue Lace tape), drip 99% alcohol through the hair to the base using a bottle with a pointed applicator tip. When the tape has loosened up, peel the unit off your head. If you feel the tape resisting, do it again. Be sure to rinse the alcohol out of your hair system when you are finished..

How to attach your hair system: attaching with liquid adhesive Reveal/Hide Answer


Apply a light coating of baby oil or conditioner to the hairs at the hairline so that if you accidentally get a bit of adhesive on the hairs, it will comb right out. You can remove excess adhesive from your skin with a Q-Tip soaked in alcohol.

Always use thin layers of adhesive and wait until the first layer dries before applying a second layer (if necessary). You can use a blow dryer to “hurry up” the drying process. A tip for spreading the adhesive: Use a wedge-shaped cosmetic foam sponge to apply the adhesive.

For the best, long-term results:

1. Apply a "full head bond" rather than just a "perimeter bond". In other words, apply the adhesive to your entire recession area instead of just at the perimeter of the base.

2. Avoid getting your hair system wet for at least 24 hours after attachment. This allows the adhesive to "cure", which increases the strength of the bond.

Just before you attach, spray the adhesive lightly with alcohol. This will give you 30–60 seconds to re-position the unit if it isn’t exactly where you want it. Once the alcohol evaporates, your hair system is tightly secured.

Can you copy my existing hair system? Reveal/Hide Answer

Yes. You can even specify changes in base material, hair colour, hair density etc.

How much hair should I include for a colour sample? Reveal/Hide Answer

2 locks of hair between 1 and 2 inches in length is sufficient.

What density should I go for? Reveal/Hide Answer

We usually recommend medium-light at most. Ultimately, you need to consider your age and the density of any hair on the side and back of your head. If you need a full cap wig then you only need to consider your age. Men under 40 can do fine with medium-light density. As you mature, you would expect a natural thinning of your hair so this should be taken into consideration to give the most natural look.

Can I get a refund? Reveal/Hide Answer

Returns are only accepted if the customer advises us within 14-days of their intention to return the item. The return is made within 28-days of the purchase in its original condition and packaging. No returns will be accepted if the item has been cut, damaged or worn. Our decision is final.

Should I order one or two hair systems? Reveal/Hide Answer

It is best to always have two. You will find not only that the life of each is prolonged, but you have a back up in case of emergencies. You will always have one hair system ready to go.

What hairstyles can I have? Reveal/Hide Answer

Anything is achievable and it is totally down to your personal choice and the system you want. As our hair systems are made from real hair, they can be treated as much as you would your own natural hair. You can shampoo, condition, style and cut just like real hair.

Do you sell partial hair systems? Reveal/Hide Answer

Yes. If the hair at the front hairline or the crown has receded but the rest of your hair is in good order, then a partial system is an option. Even if your front hair line is in good order but to enhance it for cosmetic reasons then a partial front is the way to go.

Will it hurt me in any way? Reveal/Hide Answer

Its completely pain free. There is no surgery or drugs. The attachment is done by tape or glue, which you can do at home.

Is the hair you use real hair? Reveal/Hide Answer

Yes. We only use 100% human hair 0f the highest quality available.

How do I get my hair system styled? Reveal/Hide Answer

You have several options. We provide a list of experienced hair system stylists throughout the country - just find one near you. Or you can ask your regular hair stylist if they are comfortable in styling a hair piece. Don't forget to shampoo it before you have it styled in order to allow the hair system to 'relax.'

How do I trim the base of a stock unit to fit me? Reveal/Hide Answer

Stock Hair Systems are sized 8 inches wide by 10 inches long. To cut the stock base to your required size, following these steps:

a) Place the stock hairpiece hair-down (base-up) on a foam mannequin head
b) Place your template, inside-out, on top of the stock hairpiece, being careful to line up the front of the template with the hairline
c) Pin down the template
d) Trace the outline of the template using a sharpie, marking the stock hairpiece base
e) Unpin the template and remove the stock hairpiece from the foam mannequin head. Use cuticle scissors or an exacto knife to cut the stock hairpiece base.

Can you colour match my hair? Reveal/Hide Answer

We can match any density and hair colour even with percentage of grey hair.

Will an hair system damage my own hair? Reveal/Hide Answer

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems have a neutral effect on your hair and will not damage your own hair.

After my first order, will my price go up? Reveal/Hide Answer

Your prices will not go up when you re-order. You will pay the same price. We are committed to keeping our prices affordable and low for you. Our hope is this will allow you to afford to wear a fresh looking hair system each and every day.

I'm starting to lose my hair. Should I start now? Reveal/Hide Answer

Yes, The more hair you still have, the less chance there is of anyone noticing the change. We can always add more hair, if your baldness progresses. This way you will maintain a balanced appearance while keeping you looking and feeling your best.

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